Logo Design Services


Thank you for your interest in Lo Zukowski Calligraphy & Design for your logo design needs. I'm so excited to hear about your project! While people say that there is a lot more to a brand than just its logo, there is also a lot of truth in how much a logo can convey the essence of your brand. So that's what I'm here for, to help YOU achieve YOUR business goals by conveying the essence of your business through your logo.


Check out my latest project 

I created a main logo, secondary logo and a logo mark for Justin Phu Media. With Justin being a modern marketer, I really wanted to create a logo that represented his natural ability for navigating the digital marketing space. The shattering lightbulb was born out of the idea for breaking barriers of traditional media to tell his clients’ stories to the world.


Below you'll find a questionnaire that will help us both to discover the true value of a new logo to your business. It's a very eye-opening experience. Find a quiet spot, and take your time answering each of the following questions. If we both decide at the end of this that I am not a good fit for you, I hope that you will at least walk away with new insight for your business. Talk to you soon!